NUCTECH FS6000 Fast-Scan Container/Vehicle Inspection System


NUCTECHTM FS6000 is a product designed especially for the requirements of high throughput. With multiple safety solutions, the System can avoid scanning the vehicle cab automatically, so the driver can drive the vehicle through the scanning tunnel directly. Concealed contrabands or stowaways inside containers can be easily found by the System and it is suitable for inspecting containers, trucks and other vehicles at the seaports, traffic hinges, heavy patrol ports, tax protected zones, etc.

Technical Features

1.Avoiding scanning the cab automatically, so the vehicles can pass through the scanning tunnel directly

2.State-of-the-art technology (6MeV accelerator as radiation source) for excellent image quality

3.Non-distortion scanning image at high scanning speed

4.Self-shielding and modularized design improves the System relocatability

5.Customized hardware and software could meet the customers’ requirement

6.Open design structure convenient for integrating optional peripherals, such as Radioactivity Monitors, Container Code Recognition System and etc.

7.Radiation level conforms to IAEA , ICRP and WHO without any radiation remnant

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